Changes are Afoot!

• May 19, 2009 | OWC is proud to announce the Fundable fundraising effort for Chill 3rd Edition! The link below has all of the information about this fundraiser. If you've got any questions not covered there, please post to one of the lists or email me privately at hyrum@otherworlds.cx . We hope you'll participate so we can finally get the game out. We’ve been working on this for years and, inspired by the fine folks at Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing, we’re hoping that this fundraiser will tell us if there’s still enough interest in the game to finish it and then print a limited edition full color hardcopy edition of the game.


The fate of the game is in your hands.

Also, due to popular demand, we've uploaded the Quick Start document for Chill to the website. This document was previously only available on the playtest list. Please understand that it's an incomplete document with placeholder art and graphic design. However, the information inside should show you the direction we're taking the game.

To download the document click here.

Changes are Afoot!

• March 16, 2009 | Some changes are coming to the OWC website as we migrate from an old publishing platform to a new, dynamic site. In the meantime, if you've got some time on your hands you might be interested in knowing that RPG players can learn a few things from poker. Itís easy to play free poker on one of the many popular poker game sites.

Murder of Crows Coming August 2008!

• May 18, 2008 | Not much to report, but we have announced the first Call of Cthulhu adventure "Murder of Crows" under the Super Genius Games imprint. You can see the cover and read the press release here: www.supergeniusgames.com

The Stars Are Right!

• April 17, 2008 | We've made the announcement over at the Super Genius website, but we wanted to announce ithere as well. SGG and OWC have been given a license to produce official Call of Cthulhu adventures and supplements! More details when we can make them.

Big News Coming Soon!

• April 15, 2008 | No real update but we're finalizing plans for GAMA. Stay tuned for that news!

• April 12, 2008 | I had to update before two years has passed.... We'll be at the GAMA Trade Show in Vegas this month and should have a big announcement to make. It's something that has been percolating in the background for awhile now. When it's announced it'll fall under the new Super Genius Games imprint.



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